Japanese capsule karaoke
Bookings are open for New Year's Eve!
About us
Tanoshi - these are comfortable, isolated rooms that will allow you to have fun without any hesitation. Thousands of different songs in different languages will allow you to perform any song to your taste.
Over 20 000 songs
Price for 1 cabin:
  • 1 000 rub for 1 hour: mon-thurs, sun
  • 1 200 run for 1 hour: fri, sat
Various drinks
  • Tea
  • Beverages
  • Hop products
We have snacks in stock, and 15% off order Dodo pizza. However, you can easily order and bring your own food.
Corkage fee
Alcohol for 1 bottle:
  • Strong - 400 rub
  • Easy / Medium - 200 rub
* need to bring a check
  • 800 rub for hookah
You can also rent a booth to watch your favorite movies.
Board games
Plenty of games to help you have more fun
Gift certificates
We provide 3 types of gift certificates, so that you can give your loved ones a musical evening: for one, two and three hours of visiting our institution!
Room booking
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Our contacts
Kazan, Baumana street 70
+7 993 410-01-95

Opening Hours:
  • 18:00 - 02:00 every day
  • January 1, 2 and 3 are not working days

* Additional working time is considered on request*
* Outside work hours, reservations can only be made through the form on the website.